Conference Program

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Keynote Speakers

1. Hidekazu Iwamoto Ph.D

Affiliation & Position:
Assistant Professor, Josai International University, Japan

Current trends in Japanese inbound tourism: challenges and prospects

Japanese government announced the tourism nation promotion basic plan based on the tourism nation promotion basic law in 2007. In Japan, the total number of foreign visitors in 2017 reached over 28.69 million, which was the largest number since record began in 1964. The Japan Tourism Agency, inaugurated in October 2008, conducted inbound tourism policies such as the Visit Japan Campaign, the promotion of hosting and attracting MICE visitors as well as the encouragement of Japanese outbound travel. These policies have achieved some successes. At the same time, while the number of foreign visitors increases year on year, the Japanese tourism industry faces a severe shortage of human resources. In this keynote speech, I will propose some ideas based on the current situation and examine the challenges Japanese tourism faces.

Dr. Hidekazu Iwamoto is an assistant professor at Josai International University since 2014. He received the doctoral degree from graduate school of Asia-Pacific studies at Waseda University in 2011. He is an invited researcher at waseda University in 2011-2016. His current research interests include MICE, tourism informatics, ecotourism, and human resources of tourism industry. Some of the researches are presented in the international conferences. He also received research grants from government. In addition, He is commissioned as a regional key person, Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana Tourism Bureau.